DownAlbum Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Weibo等社交媒体相册图片一键下载
DownAlbum Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Weibo等社交媒体相册图片一键下载


Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Weibo等社交媒体相册图片一键下载


Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Album Downloader

Facebook: Album, Photos of, Tagged photos, Search, Group, Message

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Supported browser: Chrome & Firefox. ( May work for Opera / Safari )

Modified from 'Download FB album' by blackbing | Credit to fancyBox(by Janis Skarnelis), FileSaver(by Eli Grey), zip.js (by Gildas Lormeau) & File API tool (

Installation Steps:

Rename only works in Chrome Extension

-Chrome: (Extension has much higher performance)
Install Tampermonkey -> Install the script. OR Install the Extension Directly

Install Scriptish or Greasemonkey -> Install the script. (userguide)
p.s. If you installed 'NoScript', please allow '' for my script to work in https environment.

If it isn't work in Opera & Safari, please wait for fixes.

-Opera: Install violentmonkey -> install this script Or refer to Support Docs of and Opera
After installation, please refer to this guide to save photos.

-Safari: install Ninjakit -> install this script

Easy to read tutorial(Thanks Brian Mahoney):

Download Steps:
  1. Go to any albums/photos tab in profile.
  2. Click the link 'DownFbAlbum' in the top menu.
    ( click DownFbAlbum(Setup) to reset saved settings )
  3. Type in download mode:
    --1/press Enter -> Normal Download
    --2 -> Download without auto load ( For large album )
    --3 -> Load from specific id ( For very large album to optimize performance )
    ( e.g. "500th -> end" not "1st -> end" ) <- Enter this number
    --4 -> Optimization for large album ( Save the page as usual )
    -- Load Captions, Comments & Friend tag ( Take longer time )
    -- Open page in current / new window ( New window may not work for large album )
  4. Save the new content loaded. "Press Ctrl+S"
    (5. Click 'ReStyle' if the images' position are wrong.)
  5. Normal Download 普通下載 ( 嘗試載入整個相簿的圖片 )
  6. Without auto load 只下載已載入的圖片 ( 針對太多相片的專頁 )
  7. Autoload from specific id 從特定相片後繼續載入 ( 針對非常多相片的專頁 ) <- 請輸入這個數字
  8. Optimization for large album 對大相簿優化 ( 如常儲存網頁便可 )
    -- 載入相片的說明文字, 評論 及 標籤 ( 需等待一段時間 )
    -- 使用 現在的/新視窗 開啟頁面 ( 新視窗有時不能開啟太多相片的相簿 )